Jazz saxophonist – Klaus Doldinger

Wonderful evening last week with Klaus Doldinger’s Jazz fusion band Passport.   First formed in 1970 the ‘Passport’ of today includes two percussionists as well as a drummer, keyboard, lead and bass guitarists with Doldinger on saxophone and flute.   The band generates enormous energy and together with their tremendous stage presence they captivated the audience in Christchurch’s Geodome.   Born in Berlin in 1936, Doldinger became interested in music at an early age and in his teens progressed from piano to  clarinet and soon afterwards to the saxophone.   His music is a captivating mix of jazz/funk with complex African and South American rhythms.    He has also attained prowess as a composer and wrote the soundtrack for the iconic 1981 German film ‘Das Boot’.   As part of his contribution to the festival  Doldinger held a masterclass for local jazz musicians the day after his concert.   Click on the links to discover more about this extraordinary musician, as well as his extensive discography.

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