Excited anticipation!

This evening the visionary plan for central Christchurch is to be unveiled.   The plan is crucial for the economic advance of both Christchurch and New Zealand and should provide a positive stimulus for the rebuild of the city and emotional recovery of our citizens.   The welfare of the latter is also dependant on the settling of insurance disputes and  restoration of homes, particularly in the devastated eastern part of our city.   While on a recent bike ride in the countryside to the west of Christchurch, I came across huge areas that of land that are being prepared for new residential subdivisions to replace the ones that have been lost.   The map of Canterbury around Christchurch is being radically redrawn.    The rebuild is on the move!


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Retired Anaesthetist (Anaesthesiologist). Keen road biker and swimmer. Interests in the Arts ( Art,Sculpture, Music and Poetry).
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