Our Vision for Central Christchurch?

An exciting plan for the rebuild of Central Christchurch was unveiled thirty hours ago and has received a generally positive response.   Click on vision to view a short  video of the plan and further details of the vision for Central Christchurch.      Detailed planning and negotiations for purchase of necessary land within the designated area can now begin.   If the plan comes to fruition, there is no doubt that the ‘New Christchurch’ will further reinforce its reputation as the ‘Garden City’ of New Zealand.     If you are interested in viewing a more detailed version of the plan click on ‘Central City‘ [ then select Central City recovery plan (PDF 12MB)].   An essential element is the ‘green frame’ that will define  and enhance the central area.

The other imperative for our city is for a parallel plan and definitive action to restore homes in the other devastated residential areas of the city and instil a sense of hope and purpose to so many of our citizens.

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