Considerations [2]

In the first part of considerations,  I mentioned that Jesus Christ has become the central part of my life.   I came to know Him though reading passages of the Bible, and by other people telling me how He had changed their lives.    If you are searching for Him, the Lord Jesus will reveal himself to you.   I can say that with confidence, because in the Scriptures  He makes  that promise and His promise has been born out in my own experience and through the personal stories of millions of people all over the world.

For each individual, the Christian faith is centred on a relationship with Jesus Christ.   There are passages of Scripture which will help you in your initial understanding of the person of Jesus;  help you to discover who He really is.   Obtain one of the newer translations of the Bible and read the first 41 verses of John’s Gospel ( the fourth book in the New Testament).   God will help you understand the reading.    You can read about the life of Jesus in the four Gospels of the New Testament;  those written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.   Another passage of scripture that is  helpful in understanding the person and purpose of Jesus, is the letter (or epistle) that a man called Paul wrote to a group of early Christians (the Colossians) in the city of Colossae.   This was an important city in what is now the modern country of Turkey.   Paul wrote this letter to emphasise to the Colossians the central importance of the person and work of Jesus Christ, for it is ‘in Him’ that the Christian finds  ‘new life’.   If you want to continue your search, look for an ‘Alpha Course’ which many Christian groups run to help people learn more about Jesus.   This friendly and informal course usually involves meeting together for a number of evenings and sharing a light evening meal.   Many people have found it helpful.

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